Fall Bucket List

October 3, 2022

It's that time! Soak it up or it will be gone before you know it! Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy this season!

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It's that time! Soak it up or it will be gone before you know it! Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy this season!

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It's that time! Soak it up or it will be gone before you know it! Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy this season!

It's that time! Soak it up or it will be gone before you know it! Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy this season!

Fall is here! If you're in Texas, you already know that fall lasts about 2 weeks, then we might have freezing cold, or it could go back to summer and be 95º again, right?!?! So, we have to soak it up while we can! I got a good headstart over the weekend and it got me so excited for all things fall this year! 

It's also our official one year "house-iversary" so I was in my feels all weekend! Remember when we bought our house? Can't wait for many more projects and updates, but it was fun to remember that my first week in the new house was spent decorating the porch with pumpkins, and now it's time to do it again! :) 

I always feel like this time of year goes by so quick, so I try to do as many intentional fall activities as I can. Quality over quantity, though....you have to make an effort to enjoy and savor each one! Here are the ones on my list this year and a few of my annual favorites that I recommend!

fall bucket list
photo by @destyniepaige.branding

1. Buy Your porch pumpkins at Ruibal's downtown

I always look forward to porch pumpkins showing up around town, and I usually get mine from the Ruibal's downtown location! Especially if you're looking for the GIANT ones (like the one on the bottom of my cart!), they have the best selection and the best prices that I've found. My entire cart shown here was only $115! I was expecting over $200....almost went back to get more after he told me the total! Ha! 

After you're done at Ruibal's, you have to visit....

fall bucket list

2. Visit the Dallas Farmers Market!

It's a fun activity year-round, but I prefer to browse an outdoor market when it's not 100º! We will usually start at the Farmers Market and grab some BBQ or a seasonal pastry and beverage to enjoy while we walk around. I love seeing all of the vendors in the pavilion! This is also a great time to think about your seasonal baking needs because some of the vendors have spices, nuts, and local honey that would make your bakes extra special! 

fall bucket list

3. Bake Seasonal treats!

Let's be real. It tastes better if it's in a festive shape! This Pumpkin Spice Sourdough Loaf was decent, but because it was also *shaped* like a pumpkin, it was AMAZING and everyone who tried it loved it! Ha! 

Pick 2 or 3 new seasonal recipes to try this season! It's always fun to invite friends over for a game night, fire pit, or gift a baked good to a neighbor! I used this recipe for the Pumpkin Spice Sourdough, and it was good! I'll probably make a few tweaks next time, but it's a great place to start, if you're on the sourdough train with me. Some classic favorites are this Pumpkin Crumble and Homemade Pop Tarts (how cute would they be as pumpkins or will pumpkin filling!). Of course, don't forget pumpkin pie and apple pie!

fall bucket list
photo by @victoriasaperstein

4. Visit the Dallas Arboretum!

It's probably on every Dallas list, but there's a reason...it's the best display of pumpkins ever! We are members at the Arboretum and love visiting. This photo is from a couple years ago. I recommend going as early as possible if you're trying to snag a family photo. Otherwise, just go get your steps in, enjoy the weather, and have fun in the pumpkin village! Of course, pick up a PSL or apple cider donut on your way!

5. Host a fall brunch

Who doesn't love brunch? So who doesn't love a FALL brunch! Maple syrup on everything, thanks. Here's a cutie pumpkin brunch I did years ago, complete with pumpkin-shaped waffles! If you need tablescape ideas, this DIY pampas grass centerpiece is for you...or you can keep it simple ;)

6. State Fair of Texas

I don't think I need to go into too much detail for this one, but the State Fair is a MUST! Don't get distracted by all of the new foods...you have two goals: a Fletcher's Corn Dog and a classic funnel cake. Then you can go home ;) But also, the pig races are fun to watch! All of my State Fair photos are at least 3 years old, so I'll spare you ;)

7. Host a Chili Cook-off (or just make some chili!)

Here's my easy chili recipe that you'll love! (as in, it doesn't take 4 hours!) I haven't done this in a while, so I don't know if it will be a cook-off, but definitely some type of chili party needs to happen this year!

8. "Scary" Movie Night

This is on the list for you, not me. I can do without scary movies, BUT I will take any excuse to enjoy hot chocolate and themed treats, so I'm in if there are snacks! As always, it's better with friends, OR make it a special date night that you plan in advance with your favorite take-out and movie!

9. Carve a Pumpkin

The last time I did this was 2020 and I had just gotten engaged so here's my creation that year! Ha! This is always fun with friends, so grab a plastic tablecloth, some carving tools, and get to work! Bonus points if you roast the seeds after carving!

photo by @kaylynnkriegphoto

10. Host a Dinner Party!

Of course I had to include this one! It could be a spooky din or more of a casual fall festival vibe, but whatever sounds good to you, DO IT! It won't be long before everyone's schedule's start to fill up with holiday parties and events, so invite a few friends over while you can.

I hope you enjoy your fall season! I would love to see what you're up to! Tag me @rhondajenkins if you'd like me to reshare your fall adventures on Instagram! Here's a fun downloadable checklist for you to use on IG Stories as you track your bucket list progress!

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