Christmas Traditions

December 10, 2018

I'm sharing my favorite traditions; now you have to share YOURS!!

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I'm sharing my favorite traditions; now you have to share YOURS!!

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I'm sharing my favorite traditions; now you have to share YOURS!!

I'm sharing my favorite traditions; now you have to share YOURS!!

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! Name that movie ;) If you guessed Home Alone, then you are correct and you win your very own cheese pizza. Y'all, Home Alone 1 and 2 are probably my favorite Christmas movies and I can 100% quote them to you. (test me!) I have a few Christmas traditions that I HAVE to check off every Christmas, and I want to hear yours too! I'm sharing a few of mine below, and can't wait to learn some new ones from all of you!

If you haven't already seen my Dallas Christmas Guide, be sure to check it out and get moving- you don't have much time left before Christmas! In between all of my Christmas activities, you can find me doing these: 

Watching Christmas Movies

Obviously Home Alone...also: The Holiday, the Grinch, It's a Wonderful Life, and all of the horribly tacky Netflix Christmas Originals. Growing up, my dad would basically force us to watch It's a Wonderful Life, so I guess somewhere along the way, it became tradition haha! Christmas movies are NOT complete without hot chocolate. My favorite is Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate with actual milk and a TON of mini marshmallows.

Christmas Pajamas

I used to get new Christmas pajamas every year and would open them on Christmas Eve and then sleep in know, so I would look cute on Christmas morning. ;) This year, I jumped the gun and bought myself some new pj's...mainly so I could wear them for this blogger babe photoshoot, but I love them! This flannel nightshirt is my new fave! Note to my mom: need to bring back the Christmas PJ tradition. k thx.

Baking and Decorating Sugar Cookies

This is one of my faves! Every year when I go home for Christmas, we end up making sugar cookies. Of course, they always get eaten in 5 minutes, so I never take photos, but is so fun! I love decorating cookies. I'm pleased to say that my decorating skills have improved quite a bit over the years. ;) I usually have at least one friend host a cookie party in Dallas, but I don't think I have one on the calendar this year, so I mighttt just have to host one myself. You know, it's not my busiest event season of the year or anything. (yikes!) Maybe I can have a cookie party after Beats & Bubbly. ;) 

Eating Tamales

I have to admit, I ALMOST forgot about this one!! I lived in Corpus Christi for four years and then in Houston for five years, so I have a fine appreciation for Mexican food and culture! Let's talk about tamales...I just love them. They're so cute...all wrapped up, like a little Christmas gift! I used to have a few Mexican ladies who worked on my team and let me tell you: our potlucks were LEGIT! Of course, they had a "tamale lady" so I would always order from her in December. You know they're good when it's cash only, y'all. ;) Anyway, I don't have my lady anymore and I'm not sure where I should get tamales this year! If you have tamale recommendations in Dallas, I'm all ears! 

Buying a LIVE Christmas Tree

Check check check! I bought mine today! Growing up, we would buy a live tree every year and take turns who got to pick it out! (Mine were always the best, in my opinion.) ;) BUT now that we're grown, my parents abandoned that tradition and bought a fake tree. I was v upset when I heard the news! haha SO I went out and bought a live tree today and my house smells so good! I think I have to keep up this tradition, y'all! Pro tip: buy from a tree farm that keeps their trees in water/stands on the lot so they're not half dead by the time you buy them and get them home! 

Driving Around Looking at Christmas Lights

This is also in my Dallas Christmas Guide, because it's one of my favorite Christmas activities AND it's free, so that's a win. I was a little disappointed with the lights displays in Highland Park this year, so I suppose I'll have to drive up north to the 'burbs and check things out there to get my Christmas feels this year! Bonus points for getting hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music while you drive. ;) 

I would love to hear your favorite traditions and how they originated! Isn't it funny how we all think our family's traditions are so normal until someone questions, that even a Christmas thing? I don't know, but it is to me! Merry Christmas, friends! 

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