Little Wildflower Baby Shower

June 12, 2023

Recap and sources from my wildflower-themed baby shower!

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Recap and sources from my wildflower-themed baby shower!

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Recap and sources from my wildflower-themed baby shower!

Recap and sources from my wildflower-themed baby shower!

Baby Shower time! I can't believe my baby shower is over and now we are busy prepping for the arrival of our sweet baby girl! 

I want to share all the details, in time, but for today, I'm going to share an overview and vendor information for any of my local Dallas gals who want to use the same vendors for your upcoming events.

A few of my girls hosted the sweetest baby shower for me (and graciously let me help with the planning, even though I'm sure I drove them crazy!). My theme was "a little wildflower is on the way!" I had seen the theme mentioned online or in a few photos, but nothing like what I wanted to do, so I had to run with it!

I wanted a slightly non-traditional opening gifts, please! My husband and I got married in 2020, so that meant an intimate wedding and very few official wedding festivities leading up to the big day. I wanted to make up for that with a little bit of a friend reunion baby shower! I had more ladies at my shower than we had guests at our wedding and it was so fun! 

I'll share more about our menu and food items, but the cake was the star of the show! It was from Dallas Affaires in Lakewood, and was *so* good! Of course, I had to go strawberry flavor and it was perfect. Dallas Affaires also did my cake for my Gender Reveal Party and it was amazing!

Our arched backdrops and balloons were provided by Balloonish and they were fabulous! I ordered the sign decals from Etsy and they worked beautifully.

We ended up having two or three focal points of the shower. This small food outpost in the kitchen started as the beverage table, but we ended up displaying the second cake from Dallas Affaires here as well! Due to the number of guests at the shower, I had a faux cake (two tiers, with the dried florals on it)and a real cake to serve to the guests. This was the real cake...since it was beautiful as well, I decided to add a few blooms to the top and use it for a fun name reveal to my hostesses and my mom and MIL as a fun surprise. I'll share more about the name reveal in a separate post.

The punch was absolute perfection (so delish!) and one of my hostesses created it and did such a great job! I'll share details in a separate post, but it was a Strawberry Lemonade Spritz, complete with edible floating flowers.

Everyone loved the sugar cookies! They were actually ordered online from a bakery in Florida by one of my hostesses and they turned out so cute! 

Again, our balloons were by Balloonish and were fabulous. We originally planned to do a multicolor display with flowers, and something totally different; we had to shift last minute, and it all worked out just fine! My biggest event advice is always: be ready to roll with whatever happens! ;) 

My beautiful shower hostesses! Thank you to these ladies for the most special day celebrating baby girl!

Truth be told, I do not enjoy "shower activities" so I was pretty adamant about not playing games or making all of my guests sit through an hour of me opening presents, but I did want to have a special activity to celebrate baby girl and have a way to remember each of the sweet women who were able to come to the shower. We created a "Prayers for Baby" station and it was so sweet to be able to read all of the notes to baby girl! I was CRACKING UP at this note from a family member and friend! She has a sense of humor and her prayers for baby include that baby loves to have her photo taken and enjoy a good party (because her mom is going to insist on both! lol).

How cute are my MIL (left) and my mom (right)?! Adorable and so fun to have them both helping with the shower and chatting with everyone! 

It was so special to have a house full of women from different seasons of my life, who all wanted to celebrate baby girl! What a sweet day and time of fellowship with my favorite ladies! 

As a small party favor, I made DIY wildflower seed packets, and they were just the cutest! I'll share more info about the supplies I used in a future post, but they were a sweet token for each guest to take home and hopefully plant! 

Photos by Jaclyn Cruz Photography for The Skinny Arm.

Balloons by Balloonish.

Cake by Dallas Affaires.

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