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April 8, 2019

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I have been sharing a lot of Dallas resources lately on Instagram stories and saving them to my “highlights;" and if I’m talking about it enough on stories for a highlight, then it should probably be a blog post too! Moving forward, I’m going to do my best to turn highlights into blog posts so your have an easier way to reference resources or major life updates!

I spent a lot of time on maintenance appointments for my last trip (to Alt Summit) and that’s a little embarrassing, but also NECESSARY! Especially because I have three trips back to back to back, I needed to get all of my appointments out of the way! I shared each of these appointments on Instagram stories, but wanted to make it a blog post as well to serve as a resource for you if you need any of the same treatments as I did! Here’s my checklist for getting vacation-ready, and the appointments I made prior to my trips to Palm Springs and Costa Rica.

vacation checklist

Research Destination

This is only applicable for a certain type of traveler, but if you’re like me and want to have a good idea of the places that you would like to visit ahead of time, then start by searching on Instagram and Pinterest for hashtags pertaining to your destination. Use the “bookmark” feature on Instagram and create a folder for your specific destination for easy access. Think: restaurants, night life, parks, tourist attractions, coffee shops, ice cream, instagrammable walls, etc!

Packing List

Even if it's just a mental list, start thinking about what you want to pack on your upcoming trip! Spend a few minutes looking through your closet to make sure you have what you need. I always like to freshen up outfits with new accessories for travel. Items like sunglasses, earrings, and cute clutches are my go-to for accessory updates. Doing this two weeks in advance of your trip gives you time to shop online and NOT have to pay for expedited shipping!


This is when your schedule starts to feel the pressure of an upcoming trip, so make sure your week is still manageable! You may need to say no to a few social engagements this week to cut down on travel stress the day before you leave!

Laser Hair Removal

I just started laser treatments at Spa in the City, and of course I can’t see the full results yet, but everything went well during the appointment and the staff was so friendly! Dallas friends, definitely check them out for laser treatments, and ask for Sarah- she was fantastic! You’re not supposed to have any sun exposure to the treatment area two weeks prior to the treatment, so I barely made the cut before I start doing more outdoor activities during the summer! Update: my appointment was 2.5 weeks ago and I DO see results! After your first treatment, the hair is dead and takes a couple weeks to get pushed out of your skin, but now I'm in my hair-free period before the next hair growth cycle starts! All that to say: scroll up and look at those hairless legs in the first photo- woooo!!! I get so many questions in person when I mention laser hair removal to friends, and definitely would encourage you to do it! 

hair cut and color

I tend to go way too long between haircuts and always wait until my hair gets unmanageable before I schedule a hair appointment- must do better! A fresh cut before a trip makes you feel so good, and if you know you’re going to be taking a lot of photos, then it’s a must!


I got my first facial EVER last week, and I would love to make it part of my monthly routine! My skin lately has been a little blah, just looking kind of dull, so I knew I had to step up my skincare game! I started the transition process to clean beauty products, and am loving everything so far! Last month I went to Spa Habitat for a massage and loved it because they use all-natural, organic, and plant-based products in their treatments! I had a great massage experience, so I decided to book a facial there!

I did the 50 minute Flower Power Hydrating Facial and it was fantastic (ask for Katie!) I would definitely do the 80 minute facial next time because it includes a neck and shoulder massage (ugh, tension!) and cold stone treatment to reduce eye puffiness! Need both of those for sure! Spa Habitat actually developed their own clean skincare and bath & body line, Clovertree Apothecary, so they use those products during the treatments! All of them are organic, clean, and plant-based; I got some samples to start with and have been incorporating them into my clean beauty routine and so far, I’m a fan!


This is slightly embarrassing, but in the past, I never shared about my mani/pedi experiences because I used to go to a little salon near my house and it was cheap and easy, but probably wasn’t on D Magazine’s Top Salons List, if you know what I meannn. (haha!) For my trip prep, I went to Miniluxe this time and I’m a new fan for sure. I went to an event there last week and got the performance polish, and I’m a believer! It’s a $10 upgrade from their regular polish (well worth it!) and it wears like gel, but still removes like a normal polish! Love it! That manicure lasted so well, so I went back for a mani/pedi before my trip to Palm Springs. I didn’t even realize this but the polish is vegan, and their salons are so clean, so I feel like that fits right into the “new granola Rhonda” situation that we’ve got going on here. Update: It's been 2.5 weeks since this manicure and it STILL looks good; it's growing out now, but hasn't chipped! Pro Tip: if you want to extend your mani as long as possible, use a natural polish shade so the grow out is less noticeable! 

spray tan

Y’all know I love a good spray tan, and I don’t think a beach trip is allowed to happen unless there is a spray tan involved. I will spare you seeing my pale skin! I’ve been going to my friend Molly for spray tans since December (for Beats & Bubbly!) and I love her! She works out of Era Salon on Oak Lawn, and their spray tan room is like a tanning palace! Seriously, I'm done with pop up tents forever, and she is such a pro! DM her on Instagram ( or call ERA Salon to book.

  • do hair, no makeup
  • extra moisturizer in carryon to apply on plane
  • makeup in carryon, obvi
  • send all the emails I was supposed to send last week while I wait to board
  • confirm that my out of office message is up!

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