Moody Wedding Invitation Suite

February 8, 2021

It was *almost* all for nothing.

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It was *almost* all for nothing.

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It was *almost* all for nothing.

It was *almost* all for nothing.

I can't tell you how many times I searched "moody invitation suite" on Pinterest! So this post is for all of the brides and planners out there looking for moody wedding and event inspo! I've got you covered! You can see my Wedding Overview Recap and get a feel for the whole wedding weekend, as well as my Engagement. We planned our wedding in 2 months and I loved getting it done that quickly!

From the BEGINNING, I said that I cared about TWO details: my invitation suite and my cake. Guess what part of the wedding gave me the MOST trouble... INVITATIONS. Ha! Read on to see who caused the trouble and who saved the day or just browse these gorgeous photos by Feather & Twine for all the moody invitation inspo you need! 

Everyone said "just do digital!" "an RSVP website is so much easier!" BUT the heart wants what the heart wants, so I moved forward with printed invitations. No regrets, but MAN it was tough. Once I started running into issues, I compromised and created an RSVP website, which turned out to be helpful, but still sent out invitations. Some of our guests received their invitations AFTER THE WEDDING. Yes. Let me explain.

The rough edge on the invitation paper is called "deckle edge" and it's all the rage right now! Well, it's also super difficult to achieve! On my 2 month planning timeline, I was scrambling to find a calligrapher, printer, and paper source who could work within my timeline and budget. I ended up paying quite a few rush fees/expedited shipping, etc. (something to be aware of if you're on a short planning timeline). I'm so happy with how they turned out, but they almost didn't come together.

I had a list of things that I wanted with my invitations, but didn't have any details decided beyond that: black, wax seal, envelope liner, calligraphy, hand addressed, deckle edge, formal-ish. Long list, right? Sorry, I know what I like! ;)

I started working with a local Dallas calligrapher to help me get my invitation in order. She is amazing and I had worked with her previously on some place cards for an event. Her name is Erin Semple and she owns Words Made Semple Calligraphy. Erin helped me nail down a style and we settled on a semi-custom invitation suite, which is perfect for anyone who needs help but doesn't have time or budget for a full custom process (6 months ++!) Reach out to her for more info!

Erin finished the suite and sent me the final files so I could send them to a Canada-based print shop I found online that specializes in deckle edge and a few other specialized printing techniques. Well. everything was going smoothly, until it wasn't.

I ordered my invitation printing and submitted the print files; I received my order confirmation email then waited for the next email saying something like "your print job is done and in the mail yay"!" BUT THAT EMAIL NEVER CAME.

I started to panic. It was nearing the end of the print timeline and I hadn't heard anything. I emailed the print shop. Nothing. I emailed 3 more times. (there was no phone number) I FINALLY heard back from the print shop about 2 weeks AFTER I should have had the final product IN-HAND! I couldn't believe it. I'm going to stop typing in caps now - you get the idea...but I was not pleased.) Moving on.... :) Ended up printing somewhere else and sourced the most beautiful deckle edge handmade paper from Indian Cotton Paper Co. (beautiful!!).

Meanwhile, Erin had been working hard to meet my timeline and completed the inner and outer envelope addresses by hand, which I loved! I purchased large sheets of this black and gold swirl handmade paper to use as envelope liner. I already owned this envelope liner template kit, so I planned to do a DIY project and make my own envelope liners for the outer envelopes; I love how they turned out! 

Adam and I had an invitation assembly date night and stuffed envelopes (almost forgot the stamps on the return RSVP envelopes! lol) and then sealed with a custom wax seal, which was so fun! A lot of people told me to be careful with the wax seals and tried to discourage me from using them, but again, I wanted what I wanted, so I went for it! So glad I did! I ordered a custom Artisaire wax seal to use with wax sticks and a melting gun (like a hot glue gun). It's not difficult at all, but you do need to follow a few instructions to ensure a nice seal. I actually loved the variation from seal to seal and that gave each invitation a unique finish! 

The menu cards were a separate project in my mind because they were for the dinner, not the specific invitation suite. I created DIY event signage that matched our menu card and printed it on our deckle edge paper at home! We added a wax seal to the top of our menus and I love how they turned out. TBH I'm looking for any opportunity to use our custom R&A wax seal because I just love it so much! Thank you notes? Absolutely. ;)

Also, here's a look at my moody florals, by Verbena Floral, in Austin. IN LOVE! 

My mom is ALSO a calligrapher! Now she mostly paints, but growing up, she was always working on calligraphy commissions and invitations! I wanted her to have a small part in the wedding calligraphy, but not overload her with work. (Again, working on a 2 month timeline!) So since we had about 30 guests at the wedding, I asked her if she would do our wedding dinner place cards. They don't match the other calligraphy or signage fonts, but I love that they were a special gift from my mom and it was fun for all of our guests to learn a little more about my mom, too! 

All in all, invitations were such a hot mess, but come on...what a great story to tell everyone in the weeks leading up to our wedding. ;) Haha I hope you loved my dramatic wedding invitation story ;) But mostly I hope these photos inspire you and help you create an invitation that feels like you and captures the vibe of your wedding perfectly!

I HIGHLY recommend these amazing wedding vendors who helped make our day special:

Photos by Feather & Twine (Austin based)

Invitation Suite Calligraphy by Words Made Semple (Dallas based)

Florals by Verbena Floral (Austin based)

Indian Cotton Paper Co.

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