I'm Engaged!

October 12, 2020

I said YES!

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I said YES!

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I said YES!

I said YES!

Surprise! I'm dating someone! Double surprise: I'm ENGAGED!!!

I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just jump right in! Adam and I dated for around a year and then over the weekend, he proposed! I think more than the proposal story, you probably want to know who this guy is, so how about a little Q & A?

I never really thought that I would get married when I was 22, or be a bride right out of college, but I also didn't think it would take as long as it did! Ha! I'm so so happy that I waited and didn't settle along the way for someone else! I love Adam so much and he is the perfect balance for me. He loves the Lord, is kind, funny, and so considerate and respectful of me! Let's be real: we all knew it would take someone special to handle me! Ha! 

I know it can be hard to see friends and people on social media getting engaged when you're single, but I hope you're encouraged that good men are still out there and worth waiting for!

You're dating someone?! Why didn't we know!?

TBH it's hard to date someone and share it with the internet! I knew I didn't want to share our relationship until I was sure that it was going to end in marriage. Thennn just decided it would be fun to wait and surprise everyone with an engagement! If you were paying attention, I snuck him into a few reels videos! ;)

Who is this guy? How did you meet?

His name is Adam! We met through church/mutual friends/volleyball! I met him in April of 2019 while playing volleyball and I was like "who is THAT?! He's good. He's on my team" (LOL) and he was like who is THAT?! She's cute!" but nothing really happened. In fact, he dated someone else for a few months! Then we reconnected last fall and our first official date was a John Mayer concert! Presh.

What's your favorite thing about Adam?

He makes me Chonda. (Chill + Rhonda) He also combines words (his whole family does!), but he makes me chill! I love to be busy and can be pretty high strung, but he's so good at making me feel like I have nothing to worry about when I'm with him. I love so many things about him, but that's one of my faves.

Did he pick out the ring on his own?

Yep! He didn't want to ring shop together at all! He had some general help from my Pinterest board, but he made all of the style decisions himself, and it's perfect! I love my ring! 

Did you know he was going to propose?

I knew that it was coming sometime soon, but he did a good job of throwing me off! I was hoping it would happen that day, but was convinced it wasn't going to, but then it did!

How did he propose?

Well, he just started a new job and told me that he wanted to go to a nice dinner to celebrate. Seems reasonable, right?! He picked me up for dinner and then "got a notification" that a 7pm spot opened up at his #1 restaurant spot, as opposed to 6:30pm reservation we had at the #2 spot. TBH I don't think I really picked up on all that, but he wanted me to be sure to include that. V smooth ;)

SO then we had "30 minutes to kill" and he suggested that we walk around a nearby park. That's a normal activity that I would enjoy, so I was on board. We pulled up to the park and I was slightly suspicious, but he had told me all of these things to make me think that it wasn't happening that weekend, so ok. There were all of these other photoshoots going on at golden hour and the park was hoppin! We sat on a bench for a minute, then we walked again. THEN he started telling me that he lied to me and brought me to the park for a different reason, and then he said all of the sweet things to me, and I was like waitttt is this official?!?!?! Then he got down on one knee and I was like shooooot. THEN I saw a blur pop out from behind a tree and it was my photographer, Victoria! LOL hence these fun photos of the proposal! :) After that, we went to dinner, just the two of us, at Al Biernat's, and it was so nice to have them time together!

The rest of the weekend was a blur because he was moving out of his apartment the next day, so we were up early and did manual labor all day, so not much time to celebrate over the weekend! There are definitely some parties in our near future! ;)

Are you doing pre-marital counseling?

Yes, we are! We are going to a private, Christian counselor, and will be meeting with him once a week for 8 weeks. We are one session in, and so far so good! ;)

When are you getting married?

Soon! We are planning to get married in December of this year! I'll be sharing details as I plan them! :) 

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

LOL. Y'all need to chill. We don't know yet! We've been engaged for like 2 seconds! I think we both are interested in a beach! Depending on travel status and a few other things, we might push the honeymoon to January- we'll see!

So there you go. I'm engaged! I knew it was coming and we've been ready for a while, but it's crazy that it happened and now I'm planning my wedding! So so excited!!! AND I'm excited to finally be able to share with all of YOU! :) 

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