White Christmas Margarita

December 3, 2021

The perfect twist on a holiday cocktail!

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The perfect twist on a holiday cocktail!

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The perfect twist on a holiday cocktail!

The perfect twist on a holiday cocktail!

You know I LOVE a themed beverage, and this White Christmas Margarita is absolute perfection for your next holiday gathering! I partnered with Spec’s to make this festive cocktail and I’m sharing all of the ingredients that I purchased from Spec’s and the exact steps to make this cute cocktail at home! 

This isn’t your typical frozen margarita… the secret is coconut milk! It adds a sweetness and creaminess that are so good! Of course, I had to add a sugar rim to complete the snow effect :) 


I got all of my ingredients at Spec’s and highly recommend the curbside pickup feature!

1 ½  cups Coconut milk

1 ½  cups Silver or Blanco Tequila (I used Casamigos Blanco Tequila)

1 cup Triple Sec (I used Cointreau)

¼ cup Lime juice

4 cups Ice


Blender (I use my Ninja)

Sugar for rimming the glass

Garnish (I used my dried citrus)

Yield: 4 margaritas

I LOVED making this a non-traditional holiday look by garnishing with my dried citrus, but you could definitely garnish with cranberries, a sprig of pine, a mistletoe cluster clipped to the glass stem, or a slice of lime! So many options, and they will all taste great! 

First things first, start with your sugar rim. If you want to add a different twist, you could rim with crushed peppermint. I like plain white sugar, so that’s what I did to stick with my snowflake and neutral theme. 

Once your glasses are rimmed, blend your ingredients in your blender. If you’re not a frozen fan, you could easily adapt this recipe to be an “on the rocks” marg and just omit the ice and blender. 

Once well-blended, you’re ready to pour! I know, I know, it’s so simple, but there are people like me out there who need these directions written out, so here it is!

Garnish and serve! Don’t forget to take a “cheers” boomerang! ;) 

If you’re having a party, you could easily scale this recipe up to make a large batch. 

Don’t forget, when entertaining, it’s also nice to have an *equally cute* non-alcoholic beverage to serve your guests. Choose a nice wassail, or spiced punch recipe to make so everyone has something festive to sip on. Trust me - it will be so appreciated!

Tag me on Instagram if you make this recipe! I would love to see your festive sips! @rhondajenkins 

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