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November 11, 2020

Stress is no joke! Here's what I'm doing to keep calm and prep for my wedding less than a month away!

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Stress is no joke! Here's what I'm doing to keep calm and prep for my wedding less than a month away!

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Stress is no joke! Here's what I'm doing to keep calm and prep for my wedding less than a month away!

Stress is no joke! Here's what I'm doing to keep calm and prep for my wedding less than a month away!

Wellness is important! As my wedding date gets closer, I'm getting busier and feeling the pressure! There are a few things I'm doing to keep my skin calm and stress level down, but they don't just apply to weddings - try these tips and products to keep yourself looking and feeling your best, even during a stressful time! 


I love to move my body, workout, go for walks, etc., but it's getting harder with daylight fading earlier and more emails to send than ever! 

1. Get Your EIGHT Hours!

Yes, I'm serious. All of the other things on this list combined can't make up for lack of sleep. I'm preaching to myself here! It's always been a struggle for me to go to bed on time (I'm naturally a night owl!), so now when I feel like there is so much to do, it's tempting to stay up late to get it done, BUT DON'T. It's a trap! You'll regret it in the morning. Instead, prioritize going to your bedroom and putting down your phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Spend a few minutes picking up your space, doing your nighttime routine, and dim your lights (or turn your lights off, but leave a lamp on) to signal to you brain that it's time to CHILL and wind down. Personally, I need an hour to do this, and I've found that going to my room an hour before bedtime (as opposed to watching TV in the living room or working at your desk (guilty!), will give you the time you need for your brain to slow down.

2. Eat Right! 

I can't tell you what to eat or what kind of diet you should be on (probably none, tbh!), but I can tell you that when you fuel your body with nutritious food, it will perform better! SO eat your fruits and veggies, try to stick to natural, unprocessed foods; think about cooking at home or limiting the amount of times per week you're going out. I don't necessarily enjoy eating my veggies, but I try to sneak them in....I mix spinach into my eggs every morning. I'll add chopped veggies to chili and soups, and I'll even replace pasta with zoodles (zucchini noodles!). Don't forget to take your vitamins, too!

3. Drink Up! 

Water. I'm talking about WATER! Hydration is key! Just like getting enough sleep, if you're not drinking enough water, your body won't function at its max! Not to mention, hair, skin, and nails all need water to stay happy and healthy! I drink out of a fun cup or a reusable straw and that helps me drink more.

4. Sweat it Out!

You know I love to workout! My workouts are "me time" and I love being away from my phone for at least an hour a day! I book my workouts through StudioHop Fitness and have for years now! It's similar to Class Pass but is locally owned in Dallas, which I love! Try it out for a month with code RHONDA20 and get 20% your first month. Added benefit of working out is stress relief! I'm hoping to work out some of this stress before it makes it to my face and causes a breakout! ;) Check out my post earlier this year about some of my favorite Dallas studios!


I'm noticing a ton of breakouts on my face (thanks, hormones and stress!) so I've been trying a few new remedies to get my skin wedding-ready! I added in a few new products a couple weeks ago, and recently started using these Rael pimple patches - obsessed!! I saved this to a skincare highlight on Instagram stories, but here are all of the current products I'm using. Everything is linked at the bottom of the post!

I think with a few more weeks of consistent skin care and a healthy eating routine, I'll be looking great for the wedding! As a general rule, I like to update my skincare routine every season, so these are the products I'm planning to use as we head into cooler, drier months!


Or should I say "hair removal!" ;) I've been getting laser hair removal treatments at Spa in the City Dallas and I'm so excited to not have to mess with shaving or waxing or anything else! I have a "laser" highlight saved on Instagram, so you can see some details there. The number one question I get about laser is "does it hurt?" Well, yes! BUT if I can handle it, so can YOU. It's more of like a surprise like when someone pops you with a rubber band- it hurts but it's more the surprise of it that gets you! Some parts of the body are more painful than others, so it just depends what area you want to treat. I always take 2 ibuprofen before a treatment, drink plenty of water, and be sure to schedule it as far from possible from your last/next period if you're doing bikini area.

Spa in the City does a monthly membership, and it is such a deal! It's $79/month and that gets you one "credit" per month; you don't need to do a laser treatment each month so you could alternate with facials or other treatments! Most laser hair removal treatments need 6 sessions to complete a full treatment cycle, and usually each session is 8 weeks apart, so that works out really well! I've done hydrafacials and dermasweep facials at Spa in the City and those are great too!

Thank you to my partners, StudioHop and Spa in the City, for helping me get wedding-ready!

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