Tulum on a Budget

March 2, 2021

Here's how to do this trendy town on a budget!

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Here's how to do this trendy town on a budget!

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Here's how to do this trendy town on a budget!

Here's how to do this trendy town on a budget!

There is so much information to share about Tulum! We had the best time in Tulum on our honeymoon and in case you're new here (welcome!), we had to extend our stay in Mexico by a week due to a crazy snowstorm in Texas! We used that opportunity to do a little extra exploring, switch hotels, and try a few new spots in Tulum!

Tulum is *the* vacation destination of the moment - and for good reason! Checkout my overall Tulum Travel Guide. But that means it's pricey right now for sure. Here are a few tips and ways to cut costs in Tulum and enjoy the magic that Tulum has to offer without breaking the bank.

Stay in Tulum Pueblo vs. Tulum Beach Rd.

Staying in Tulum town is MUCH cheaper than on Beach Rd! Just make sure the savings are worth the extra time of driving/riding to the beach everyday if that's what is on your itinerary!

Stay on the "jungle side" of Tulum Beach Rd.

You're still in the hot spot, and just across the street from the beach. A lot of jungle side hotels partner with beach side hotels so guests can have beach access! Do your research. We found a small hotel on jungle side and almost didn't see the fine print, giving us access to another hotel/beach club! We used it every day!

Eat lunches in town!

I like to mix "high and low" so saving on a small lunch in town let me splurge a little on a fun dinner at a beach club. You decide what you want to spend or save on!

Ask for a discount!

It IS Mexico after all! Negotiate! Half of the places we got into said NO the first time. I'm not exaggerating. ASK. AGAIN. Negotiate!

Rent a car!

Don't pay $70+ each way for airport transfers to Cancun PLUS day trips via Uber to cenotes, and getting around town. Rent a car for around $40/day and be able to explore how you want to without having to book a ride everywhere!

Confirm that your hotel rate includes parking.

Parking on Tulum Beach Rd. can add up, so it's best to leave your car and bike or walk to your destination. Even if you're not staying on Beach Rd., I recommend parking on the North end of the road, grabbing a bike, and riding south to avoid congestion and more expensive parking.

Rent a bike from your hotel!

Most hotels in Tulum have bikes available for guests to use - use them! Bikes are the easiest way to get around on Beach Rd. If you're not staying nearby, keep in mind that rental shops on Beach Rd. are pricier than the ones in town.

Look for a hotel that includes breakfast!

Or bring some protein bars for breakfast! I hate paying $30 for some granola and a coffee at a restaurant, unless it's a really special place. Not to mention the time it takes to find a restaurant in the morning and delay your adventures!). Our hotel included breakfast and coffee and it was so convenient!

Enjoy the magical vibes in Tulum! Don't forget to make a few new friends while you're there!

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