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January 29, 2016

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How to host the perfect girls' night in with help from Eatzi's!

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This week’s party tip is all about invitations! Now that you have your party crew in place, you can start inviting guests! Party invitations set the mood for your event and give guests a preview of what they can expect at your party- it’s your first chance to spread some excitement and create buzz around your event!

Now that there are multiple online companies specializing in digital invitations, it is important to consider what type of invitation is best suited for your event. Paper, evite, Facebook, or a text message could all work to invite guests to your event depending on the size of your guest list.

Two things to consider when choosing invitations: type of party and number of attendees. I’ll give you a few tips around each type of invitation and you’ll be inviting guests to your next party in no time!

Paper Invitation: The most expensive and time consuming invitation, and also my favorite. Paper invitations are exciting to receive in the mail because they are rare! A physical invitation sent to a guest doesn’t necessarily have to be “paper.” Your invitation could be a balloon, a message in a bottle, or a even a cookie to set the mood for your event. Paper invitations typically get the lowest response rate, but are the most effective at conveying the feeling of your upcoming event. Be sure to have a plan for following up with each invitee to make sure they received the invitation and request their RSVP if you haven’t already received it.

Text message/personal invitation: This is the type of invitation that will get the highest response rate because it is the most personal. I always start planning events with a “note” on my iphone that lists all event information – from date and time to guest list. From that information, I create a general text message that includes all of the information that guests need to know. Instead of just sending a basic text message, I like to include a photo or graphic to create visual interest. The easiest way to add text to a photo is with an app on your phone. Right now my favorite app to use is Font Candy; here is an example of the Galentine’s party invitation that I recently sent out using a photo as the invitation. Be sure to include a call to action in your text message, such as "Please let me know if you can attend!" On a casual invitation, including something as simple as "text me back!" will prompt guests to respond to you right away, opening an opportunity to dialogue about the event.

Facebook: An online social network invitation is a great tool to use to invite guests to your event if you’re planning an event with over 20 guests or if you want guests to invite friends to your event. Facebook is an easy tool to use- most people already use it daily and know how to RSVP to your event. One downfall with a Facebook invitation is that it can easily be overlooked if guests receive multiple notifications at once and miss the event notification. However, it does provide a tool for guests to share the event with friends, ask questions, and post photos after the event.

Evite: I like to use a digital invitation for smaller events that I don’t have time or resources to send a paper invitation for. My favorite company to use is Paperless Post. They have a user-friendly interface online and an easy-to-use app, which make it simple for guests to RSVP or send you a message. When guests receive an email containing a Paperless Post invitation, they also have the option to “add to calendar” which allows them to keep up with your event! Sending out event updates is also a breeze- guests receive an email with your communication. I use Paperless Post invitations for all of my Dallas Blogger Brunch invitations.

In short, there are numerous ways to invite guests to a party, but these are a few of my preferred methods that have worked for me in the past. What are you waiting for?! Go plan a party!

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