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June 24, 2019

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We celebrated Galentine's brunch with blogger babes and plenty of beauty, thanks to beautykind and Dolce Riviera!

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I am so excited to share some inspiration for a few upcoming home renovation projects! You might be wondering where this is coming from, so I'll tell you. Over the weekend, I went to a backyard BBQ and friends were relaxing outside, playing cornhole, and it made me so sad that I can't do that at my own house! SO I decided that it was time to make a few changes to my sad side yard and transform it into an outdoor oasis just waiting to host friends!

After a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart, Lowe's, and a LOT of Pinterest browsing, I finally have an idea of what I want to do, so I thought I would share some of my inspiration photos! It's been a while since I shared any Pinterest inspiration and I miss doing that! This is definitely a fun project and something creative outside of my normal scope so it's giving me new life! My current Pinterest board is filled with gray kitchen cabinets and small garden landscaping ideas, so I'm excited to jump in and get moving to bring some of these ideas to life! 

I meannn.... all the heart eyes for this! How cute is that little secret garden doorway (above)?! I'm loving the look of 2x2 cement pavers with pea gravel in between. I would show you a photo of my current sideyard but I'm too embarrassed. Grass doesn't grow there, so there's that...hence the gravel idea, which I love! 

 cement pavers

I like this one because I really want to utilize large planters to pot for most of my plants as opposed to planting in the ground. I'm so over weeds. Not that I've pulled any weeds in about 20 years, BUT I used to help my mom garden and I guess I was scarred by it. Loving these large planters and how lush everything looks!

Goals. Just goals... I'm obsessed with this! Overall, this space is a little more "lush" than I want mine, but I'm dead over that trellis! This is the classic "espalier" trellis that was used in France to increase fruit tree production! I love it! I'm definitely going to be creating a wire trellis against my (not so cute) fence!

Moving on to the kitchen! The room most in need of an update in my house! I have loved gray cabinets and brushed brass hardware for a while now, so I'm biting the bullet and doing it! Next steps will hopefully include countertop and flooring updates, but one thing at a time! I've selected my paint color, tested the inside of one of my cabinets, and deconstruction is happening on Wednesday, then painting this weekend! I'm sure I'll be sharing a few updates via Instagram stories, but wanted to have more permanent documentation of the process, so I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing where my planning process began!

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