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August 1, 2022

It came highly recommended, but nobody could tell me WHY. Here's our "why" for The Cape Hotel in Cabo.

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It came highly recommended, but nobody could tell me WHY. Here's our "why" for The Cape Hotel in Cabo.

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It came highly recommended, but nobody could tell me WHY. Here's our "why" for The Cape Hotel in Cabo.

It came highly recommended, but nobody could tell me WHY. Here's our "why" for The Cape Hotel in Cabo.

We went to Cabo for my birthday trip and it was *such* a VIBE! Partly because of where we stayed....The Cape Hotel. We had very little information about The Cape before we booked, aside from a recommendation from a fellow couple who loves to travel and eat, just like us ;)

So we booked our spot and didn't look back. I had seen photos of The Cape and knew that it looked like a perfect vacay vibe, but I couldn't find much more information written by past guests, hence this post! I'm sharing why we loved The Cape and have recommended it to all of our friends. We would also love to go back. It was that good. I'm breaking down the post into a few categories to share the details, but overall we loved it and wouldn't change a thing.

First, let me answer the number 1 question I've been getting about the hotel: "is it all-inclusive?"

LOL no. That's the price just for the room, sorry. BUT it's a 5 star hotel and worth it. :) 

Hotel Vibe

If you haven't been to Cabo, or haven't researched your upcoming trip yet...Cabo is a desert! But it's on the beach...and next to the mountains. ;) The landscape is so unique! The Cape captures this perfectly. From their black exterior, to their desert-chic landscape, they nail all of the details. The lobby and common areas are open-air, which is more of a Tulum vibe than Cancún. See my Tulum guides here.

The service here is perfection. Sadly, we saw some other guests not taking advantage of the excellent service. If you're offered something, you say yes. If a bellman offers to get your luggage, it's a yes. If you're offered a cold towel before dinner, it's a yes. The service is what makes a place like The Cape extra special.

Then there's the VIEW. I think they have the best view in Cabo! You can see the famous Cabo arch from the lobby, pool, and your balcony. All of the rooms' balconies face the arch/the ocean, so there's not a bad view from any of the rooms!

There are some great lounge areas in the hotel. I saw people on laptops in the morning I was on my way to the pool ;) 


Like I said, not a bad view in the whole hotel. If you're going big and want something extra special, then the corner suites are amazing. BUT you don't really need them in my opinion...every room is really good. We were in a Deluxe King, so I think we had a slightly bigger tub/shower and balcony than the standard rooms. We took a few naps on the balcony swing and ate breakfast at the balcony table, so we loved that. You know how you like to spend your vacation and how much time you spend in the room, so it's up to you!

The room had all of the usual amenities, including a stocked mini bar (not free, just a reminder!). Each room also came with a welcome bottle of tequila (yes, free!), so that was a fun touch.

Pass through shower from the bathroom to the bedroom was a fun touch so you could see out the balcony from the shower!


Ok, the pool...probably where we spent most of our time. The view from the pool is perfection, and it's an infinity pool which makes it even better! I took mostly videos so I couldn't find a still photo of the swim-up bar, but it is EXCELLENT.

The people watching/friend-making opportunities at the pool were plentiful and we talked with new people everyday! It was so fun and the crowd is mostly young and hip, so it's definitely a great pool vibe.

Like I said, I have very few photos of the pool area overall, so please excuse this one below! Ha! 

I'm sitting here on the edge of the swim up bar area, with my coconut! The pool staff was excellent and went out of their way to get our food and drink orders taken care of just how we wanted. I recommend a hat or visor if you're planning to be at the pool all day - the sun was no joke!


We are transitioning from pool to food with this next from the pool bar. ;) We LOVE food. As I vacation more and more, I have discovered that eating a meal at the pool is one of my favorite things to do. Like, favorite. SO if that's also you, The Cape is your spot. We had quite a few meals at the pool, and everything was amazing. Adam says that the sushi at The Cape is the best he's ever had. So there's that! 

Aside from pool food, The Cape has a few restaurants:

  • Manta - high end, make a resy as far in advance before you get to Cabo as you can. We had a nice dinner here, and Adam did the chef's tasting menu and loved it. I had the fish tacos, because the waiter promised that they were the *best* I've ever had. It was true. Get a table on the balcony (very few available!)
  • Manta lounge - open air bar outside of Manta
  • The Ledge - more casual, but so good. I really had more fish tacos and sushi than ever in my life on this trip, and guac. I think I had guac with every meal....but we all know that healthy fats are really important for our diet, so there's that. ;)
  • Rooftop - opens at 8pm! Here's a photo of the rooftop, pre-club atmosphere! We went up right at 8pm to catch the sunset and wow. We had a few drinks and light bites and everything was great!

View from the rooftop at sunset (above); view from Manta at sunset (below).

I hope that adequately explains why we loved The Cape so much! While we were there, we met a few ex-athletes, some Tiktok superstars, and saw FIVE weddings. Oh, if you want to get married in Mexico, this is the spot.

We would go back in a heartbeat! And no, this post isn't sponsored...or else I would legally have to disclose that to you. :) We payed for everything, aside from a few drinks from new friends at the pool. Again, worth it. Happy traveling! 

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