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July 18, 2022

Why this spot is a must-visit on our trip to Cabo!

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Why this spot is a must-visit on our trip to Cabo!

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Why this spot is a must-visit on our trip to Cabo!

Why this spot is a must-visit on our trip to Cabo!

I *had* to write a full post on Flora Farms because I couldn't find this information when I was researching Cabo activities and it's such a shame because it was one of our favorite things we did while we were in Cabo. You wouldn't want to miss out on that, right?! Right.

We visited Cabo in early July for my birthday trip. We stayed at The Cape Hotel and I'll be sharing a few more posts about the things we did as well as an overall Cabo guide to help you plan your next trip.

This was my second time to Cabo, but the first time was around 7 years ago and I stayed at an all-inclusive resort with two girlfriends and it was quite a different experience, so we'll call this my first trip to Cabo. ;)

A quick note: Los Cabos is the name of this region in Mexico, which means "the Capes"....there are so many little capes along the coastline! Then there are two main cities in the region: Cabo San Lucas (where we stayed) and San Jose del Cabo (10 minutes North). I think there is a lot of confusion about that for first-timers, so there's your note about it.

This post is specifically about Flora Farms, which is about 20 minutes from San Jose del Cabo. Definitely doable in an Uber or a car rental, and I highly recommend it! 

Flora Farms is 25 acres of beautiful farms and gardens tucked away! You wouldn't even know about it if you didn't know to look it up and go there! My husband and I visited Floral Farms for a morning cooking class and lunch and had the best experience. We recommended Flora Farms to everyone we met in Cabo after that. I warned them not to be scared if it seemed like their Uber driver was taking them somewhere sketchy, because you have to drive about 10 minutes down a dirt road right before you get there! We had a rental car, but I definitely would have been concerned if it had been an Uber.

We arrived for our 9:30am cooking class, and grabbed a coffee at the coffee shop on property (thank goodness there was one!), and browsed at a few of the shops on property before making our way to our class.

We were greeted with the *cutest* carrot margarita you've ever seen. (and maybe the only one you've ever seen?) Thank goodness they gave us the recipe for this because I definitely want to recreate - it was refreshing and delish, and I've got some baby carrots growing in my garden and I can't think of anything better to use them for ;)

We started our cooking class with a walking tour of Flora Farms, and it was so fun! They have flowers, fruits and veggies, animals, a restaurant, a wedding/event venue and so much more! I want chickens so bad, so of course I was thrilled to see a chicken coop on property!

They gave us sombreros to wear during the tour, which was actually a huge help because the sun was already so bright at 10am! I was fully prepared to wear my hat during the whole class, but we took them off after the tour!

My husband snapped this photo during the tour because this was the first time he had seen pineapples growing! I saw them once in Costa Rica, but they are so cute! Most people think they grow on a tree, so here's a fun tidbit for you. ;)

After our tour, we settled in for our cooking class. There were about 20 of us, and our tables had umbrellas and fans, so the heat wasn't too bad. During the class, we made two types of salsa, learned how to make 2 different guacamoles, homemade tortillas, and then enjoyed lunch! 

I was convinced that my husband was going to turn into a food blogger after this - he had the full tripod setup and recorded the whole salsa experience, but I think he was just being a good sport for my birthday. ;)

Our teachers and assistants were so kind and so helpful! Our first salsa was a fire-roasted salsa made in the molcajete. It was definitely an upper-body workout, but I'm excited to recreate it in my molcajete at home! 

You can see our next salsa in the top of the next photo - it was a pineapple pico de gallo and it was amazing! I just recreated this at home for a fiesta dinner party and it was a huge hit!

After we made our tortillas and guac, we sat down to a beautiful lunch of baja fish tacos and all the fixings! Everything we ate was so good.

I highly recommend a cooking class at Flora Farms! Or if you want to just visit their restaurant, I recommend doing it on a Thursday, then spending some time in San Jose del Cabo for their Thursday night art walk before heading back to Cabo San Lucas!

I hope this post was helpful as you plan your tip to Cabo! If you have questions, please DM me @rhondajenkins!

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