January 20, 2020

My goal is to host 20 dinner parties in 2020!

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My goal is to host 20 dinner parties in 2020!

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My goal is to host 20 dinner parties in 2020!

My goal is to host 20 dinner parties in 2020!

I love setting goals each year! This year I want to focus on doing things that I LOVE and that fill me up emotionally. For me, that means having people in my home for the purpose of meaningful connection.

I took some time this year to meet with a good friend and go over our goals; she is an Enneagram coach and helped me evaluate my 2019 goals and achievements, then reframe some of my 2020 goals to reflect my true desires, as opposed to just focusing on business goals. Having a goal of hosting 20 dinner parties is both FUN and relevant to my work...creating content for YOU! I love sharing ideas about how to increase your joy in daily life, and how to make something like hosting a dinner party a little less intimidating! 

I have a sheet of paper number 1-20, with the number 1 slot already filled in with "1/4/20 - braised lamb shank" and I plan to fill in all the blanks throughout the year! I also have a sheet of paper where I brainstormed all of the fun/funky/normal dinner party ideas, and I'm going to share those with you below! I'm not sure yet if I'm going to update this post throughout the year, or create a few separate dinner party posts, but the idea is to list all of them as they happen, but document a few special ones with photos and recipes to share with you! I don't have specific rules, and I want to invite different people, new friends,

One of my other goals has to do with living on a specific budget, so that definitely presents a challenge, because I LOVE spending money on hosting! Ha! Working with both of these goals at the same time will be the ultimate test, but I'm excited to have help and inspiration from friends and all of you! 

Dinner theme ideas: (this is a brain dump- no bad ideas!! Write everything down then review later!)

  • nationality themes (italian, chinese...)
  • outdoor dinner party (twinkle lights!)
  • no phones allowed din (this might be every din!)
  • din on a budget challenge (feed 8 people for $100? $50?!)
  • plus one party
  • vegan or gf meal
  • BBQ
  • grill out
  • is there something I want to learn to cook?
  • pop up dinner party in a random location
  • "southern" party - fried chickennn
  • boho din- sit on the ground, low table
  • crockpot recipes only
  • pot luck- everyone contributes
  • breakfast for din
  • valentine's- all red foods lol
  • cinco de mayo duh
  • spooky halloween din
  • birthday party din
  • random themes- cats, polka dots, all green party...
  • st. patricks day din/brunch party?
  • friendsgiving, of course
  • christmas-themed
  • seafood din...mermaid theme? lol
  • piano party- i want someone to play the piano while we eat! Ha!
  • make a pizza party
  • disco themed duh
  • striped dinner party

Edit: I'll share a few dinner parties in detail, and keep a running progress list here:

1. January 4: Braised Lamb Shank

2. February 1: Valentine's Themed Pasta

2.5. February 10: Spontaneous din so idk if it counts but had to share the recipe for this Tortellini. (major crowd-pleaser!!)


3. Social Distanced Brunch

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