2018 Goals

January 5, 2018

Trying to set SMART goals, but all I can think of is "save money" and "be healthy."

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Trying to set SMART goals, but all I can think of is "save money" and "be healthy."

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Trying to set SMART goals, but all I can think of is "save money" and "be healthy."

Trying to set SMART goals, but all I can think of is "save money" and "be healthy."

Happy 2018! I'm not sure how we got here, but every year when January rolls around, I'm in shock, again. Beats & Bubbly was a huge success and it was one of my favorite parties that I've ever hosted, but it was also very different from the previous two Beats & Bubbly events, so that made for a stressful November and December. I definitely needed a few days after the event to unwind, catch up on sleep, and refocus for the new year. I enjoy looking back at the past year and seeing how many things have changed professionally and personally; I loved seeing these fun highlights from 2017:


I achieved the two major goals I set for myself last year! I also hosted my first Galentine's Workshop with one of my favorite gals! Oh yeah, I lived in Paris for 6 weeks- oui oui! I visited San Francisco with a new travel buddy and I settled into working from home, which is still a work in progress! 


So I'm thinking about what I want for 2018, and I'm kind of overwhelmed; my main goal is "figure out my life!" (so simple.) I've been talking to friends for a few days and trying to think through options, business goals, personal plans, and I want it all! More to come on figuring out my life, BUT I did narrow down a few goals that I want to focus on this year just to get me started.

I always try to set SMART goals because what in the world does "be healthy" mean?


and I try to include a mix of smaller short term goals and bigger goals that will cover the whole year!

1. Keep mixing it up with StudioHop classes at least 5x/week and add in some additional cardio at a gym! I did a pretty good job of consistently hitting different gyms in 2017, but want to keep up the variety with new classes in 2018- first up this week: aerial yoga! Ahh! (awkward Insta stories coming your way!)

Update on 3/26/18: Doing great! I have a pretty good rotation of workouts each week, and love answering questions from you about each studio I go to!

2. Tune my piano. I know, it's so easy, but I have an upright piano that is 110 years old and horribly out of tune! I bought it a few YEARS ago for one of my old roommates, but when she got married, she couldn't take it with her, so now it's part of my decor. My goal is to get it tuned and to learn how to play a few songs, including: the Happy Birthday Song, one Disney classic, and one Christmas Carol. I would mainly love for my musically inclined friends to be able to play it for fun whenever I have company!

Update on 3/26/18: not done. BUT I have been purging my entire house and selling furniture like crazy and starting to redecorate, so good changes are happening!

3. Will you be mad if I say "travel more?" I know, I know, but I really do want to visit so many cities I've never been to! 2017 was a decent travel year, but I can do better! I'm off to a good (freezing!) start with finally checking off a visit to Chicago for the first time at the end of January, but I would LOVE to make it to Marfa, TX this year, and do the California Highway 1 drive this year! If I happen to see a deal on a ticket to Paris, I'll also jump on that. Can't possibly visit Paris too many times.

Update on 3/26/18: NYC in May with the fam and I'm really thinking that Vegas is going to happen for the first time ever for my birthday in July!!

4. Make new friends. Not that I don't love my old friends (!!!) but December 2017 was an eye-opening month for me - did you read my Holiday Networking Secret post- it seriously changed my life. I want to be open to new friends and new relationships at every turn, with some help from my disco ball tumbler, of course. I don't really want to quantify this one- that feels weird. Make one new friend a week? haha I think I'll just add a calendar reminder every week to check in and ask myself how I'm doing. Feel free to ask!

Update on 3/26/18: I'm making new friends, but then I don't see them again for so long! I need to be better at following up immediately!

5. I have a HUGE goal that's not specific, measurable, actionable, timely, and mayyybe not realistic for me, but here it is: CHILL. I need to chill. As in, let go of some control. Just a little. I love to plan, lead, and achieve, but I know that I also have to be comfortable with following! Yikes. Stay tuned for progress reports on that one. Now accepting suggestions on "actionable" ways to make that happen, but does that go against the nature of being chill? Trying to force yourself to be chill? This is why it's going to be a struggle, y'all.

Update on 3/26/18: Hmmm I think I have let go of some things, but this is DEF a work in progress. Read a great devotional this morning that reminded me to trust in the Lord's timing, which is exactly what needs to happen here!

6. I definitely failed at this goal last year, so we're going to try again (grace!). I want to read more! I went out and bought so many great books that I wanted to read, but I just lost momentum as soon as life got busy! So, here we go again...read 12 books in 2018! 1/month-ish.

Update on 3/26/18: Finished my first full book and am halfway through my second; I have a list of book recs on my phone and am about to purchase my next one! I'm not sure if this counts, but I just bought a daily devotional book, so maybe I'll count that when I'm done ;)

7. Bonus goal? Haven't quite decided if I can handle this one yet. BE ON TIME. That goal can be done, but the real cause of my lateness is not going to bed on time and being so tired in the morning that my alarm clocks don't wake me up. I'm still on the fence, but you can set a goal at any point in the year, so maybe we'll just keep this in mind for now. 

Update on 3/26/18: LOL.

PS. Maybe I should make an effort to take more photos with all of my leftover disco balls! I love the way this photo turned out!

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