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Happy weekend! I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Here are some fun links from around the interwebs to help you get ready!

You've heard of FOMO (right?) but what about JOMO? This article explains the new acronym and some brilliant weekend habits to start NOW!

The most comprehensive Thanksgiving Etiquette Guide I have ever seen!

Cutest DIY advent calendar.

How to become a morning person- I think I've posted articles like this before, but this one makes it seem so attainable…probably due to the infographic.

Make your own wishbone placecard holders.

Statement Coats


I have been eyeing the coats in every store I walk into! I have an emerald green statement coat that I have worn for years and I love it, but I want to add another bold coat to my wardrobe. The idea of another brightly colored piece excites me, but I also really love the fox fur hood on that burgundy coat. A good coat is one of those pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for years, so it's important to invest in a quality piece. However, there are deals to be found; most of these coats are under $200!

The time to buy is definitely now, even if you live in an area that is still warm- the best selection is always available early! These seven picks are a few of my favorites and I'm sure at least one of them will be in my closet soon.

Shop this post:
1. Topshop boyfriend coat // 2. yellow dream // 3. black and white //
4. cobalt blue // 5. leopard print wool // 6. pink wool // 7. fox fur hood

Desk Inspiration


desk accessories
I am that person who has to have a clean workspace before I can accomplish anything. Messy room = messy life! A few days ago, my roommates and I started putting away Halloween decor, brainstorming holiday decorating plans, and realized that we have a ton of storage space that we are not utilizing to its full potential. We have two hall closets in particular that were crammed full of junk- a vacuum that doesn't work, busted volleyballs, empty boxes, and old linens that we don't use. Of course, I decided that I would clean the closets out right at that moment, but couldn't finish everything in one night, so our entry way and living room housed "organized piles" for a couple days before I could complete the project. I got sidetracked by Pinterest (as usual) and found all sorts of ideas for holiday decorating ideas, as well as home organization.
One little closet clean out and the door was opened to: a Pinterest binge, an unnecessary trip to Target, and plans to redecorate and organize my entire house. Well, in all of my "research" I found these cute office supplies that are keeping me inspired to get my space organized, so I can ensure productivity when I'm at my desk! Right?? But seriously, who can work at an ugly desk? Here are a few of my favorite pretty office supplies (or potential Christmas gifts!).

Shop: letter lights // houndstooth USB cable // polka dot journal //
pencil set // screen cleaners // ball point pen // odds and ends tray

Halloween Party Decor


It's November! I can't believe Halloween is over- I am still on cloud nine from such a fun weekend with friends. On Halloween night, I hosted a house party, complete with over 130 friends, a DJ, and a swarm of bats! I had a lot of compliments on our party decor, so I wanted to share how to replicate this wall. I am a huge proponent of a simple theme repeated throughout a space and using one small design element to make a big impact, in this case: bats.

My roommate cut out templates of different-sized bats and we invited friends over to trace and cut bats out of black construction paper...for hours. With friends helping, it wasn't too bad. After that, we started placing the bats in a pattern across the wall to make it seem like they entered from the bottom corner of the room and swarmed through the room to exit through another corner.

When the lights were off and the dance party was in full-swing, the bats were so fun! They looked like shadows on the wall. Overall, this was an easy project and didn't take much time to execute. 

I'm also a huge fan of spiderweb for Halloween decor. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and makes a big visual impact. We covered our fireplace in spiderweb and added a huge fuzzy spider for a creepy effect.

My friend Jen is an amazing artist and made this Halloween chalking for the party. I am blown away by her creativity. This chalkboard is made out of old bi-fold closet door painted with chalk paint- so simple!

Halloween 2014 was one of my favorite holiday parties at Pagewood to date. Tons of friends, costumes, and dancing the night away is hard to beat. Hope you had a great weekend!

Halloween Costume Tips

diy halloween

The Halloween costume you choose says a lot about you. I usually opt for a fun costume or just throw on an old prom dress and call it a day. This year I wanted to do something a little more dramatic and decided to be a raven. I spent hours and hours on Pinterest looking for ideas, but kept coming back to my original raven idea. I thought it would be fairly simple to use an existing strapless black dress in my wardrobe and just add feathers and embellishment to it- I was wrong.

My best advice to have a phenomenal Halloween costume is to start early- like a month early (I did not do this)! I had an idea of the specific type of feathers that I wanted to use, but when I started looking for them I couldn't find them anywhere! I was really nervous about finding the right supplies, and spent a lot of time driving to craft stores, fabric stores, and even tried to visit a place called "Birds Unlimited" (waste of time). I finally settled on buying a boa from a Halloween store and ripping all of the feathers off the boa to sew onto my dress.

diy raven

Important to note: this sewing machine was given to me in July, but two days before Halloween was the first time I had even opened the box. It took me a while to figure out how to thread the machine, etc. Once I figured out what I was doing, I was able to get into a rythym of sewing feathers between the layers of the leather/tulle fabric that I bought to make my "tail feather" skirt. Between sewing feathers, I was also giving direction to 4 friends who came over to help me decorate my house for the Halloween party! Turns out, I'm not the best at multi-tasking so it took a long time to finish the skirt.

raven costume

Twelve hours later…I finally ended up with a feather + leather + tulle skirt that I wore over my existing black dress. I added feathers to black lace fingerless gloves; added a black bird and feathers to a headband; and added feathers to the top of my strapless dress. Overall, I was really pleased with how my costume turned out (minus the black feathers all over my house!) and I think my favorite part was knowing that I made it myself instead of spending a lot of money on something pre-made.

raven costume

My raven makeup was pretty simple; if I had a do-over, I would opt for simple black lipstick instead of trying to paint a diamond shape onto my lips with liquid eyeliner- I felt like I couldn't eat or drink anything all night! The most important part of a good costume is being comfortable; most people would argue that sweat pants are more comfortable than a dress, but dresses are what I'm comfortable in, so this was perfect for me.

So long, summer


As the temperature drops this week in Dallas, it's hard to think that last weekend I was driving a jet ski and going for a sunset boat ride at a friend's lake house in South Texas! We were celebrating my roommate's recent engagement over the weekend- a restful few days out of the city was just what I needed. It's always a good day when the biggest struggle is which swimsuit to wear ;) 

Yes, I made everyone wait while I took pictures of our food. A few people were assigned to each meal throughout the weekend, so kitchen responsibilities were spread out; every meal was delicious! These amazing pumpkin pancakes (above) were made by my friend Greg, who also builds custom furniture (he's handy AND cooks!). You should visit his website… actually you probably shouldn't because then you'll be jealous that I'm friends with him and you're not. Well, check it out anyway.  

custom table

Y'all. Let's talk about how amazing it is to have a table that easily seats 14 people- what a dream! I could host dinner parties here every single night! I loved sitting down for meals together with these friends.


This was my first time to drive a jet ski. I'm a pretty aggressive driver on the road, but it turns out that I'm super scared of being thrashed by the water, so I played it safe on the jet ski.

I think my favorite part of the trip was getting to know one of my girlfriends a little better. You know how sometimes you can know someone for a long time, but never really get to know them deeper? Well, I finally got to know this friend a little better! It was such a good reminder of how faithful God is to bring certain people into our lives during different seasons; I was so encouraged by our conversations, especially during what is turning out to be a season of transition for me. I love being able to look back at times of uncertainty in my life and see that those times are when the most growth has happened. I know this time will be no different :)
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