So long, summer


As the temperature drops this week in Dallas, it's hard to think that last weekend I was driving a jet ski and going for a sunset boat ride at a friend's lake house in South Texas! We were celebrating my roommate's recent engagement over the weekend- a restful few days out of the city was just what I needed. It's always a good day when the biggest struggle is which swimsuit to wear ;) 

Yes, I made everyone wait while I took pictures of our food. A few people were assigned to each meal throughout the weekend, so kitchen responsibilities were spread out; every meal was delicious! These amazing pumpkin pancakes (above) were made by my friend Greg, who also builds custom furniture (he's handy AND cooks!). You should visit his website… actually you probably shouldn't because then you'll be jealous that I'm friends with him and you're not. Well, check it out anyway.  

custom table

Y'all. Let's talk about how amazing it is to have a table that easily seats 14 people- what a dream! I could host dinner parties here every single night! I loved sitting down for meals together with these friends.


This was my first time to drive a jet ski. I'm a pretty aggressive driver on the road, but it turns out that I'm super scared of being thrashed by the water, so I played it safe on the jet ski.

I think my favorite part of the trip was getting to know one of my girlfriends a little better. You know how sometimes you can know someone for a long time, but never really get to know them deeper? Well, I finally got to know this friend a little better! It was such a good reminder of how faithful God is to bring certain people into our lives during different seasons; I was so encouraged by our conversations, especially during what is turning out to be a season of transition for me. I love being able to look back at times of uncertainty in my life and see that those times are when the most growth has happened. I know this time will be no different :)

Link Love


Happy Friday! I can't believe Halloween is only one week away! I hope you've got your costume prepped and ready to go. I will be working on mine this weekend and I'm so excited! I'm hosting a Halloween party at my house this year and cannot wait to get all of the decorations up. Today I'm making my first batch (of many!) of pumpkin muffins this season.

Here are some links that are getting me ready for fall! Enjoy your weekend :) 

This Pumpkin Chai Latte looks amazing!
Ten things to do in the morning to start your day right.
I want to do this Ikea hack!
DIY mini mummies for easy Halloween decor!
The perfect fall hat.

Life + State Fair of Texas


I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post! I know sometimes life just gets busy, but for me it was the feeling of guilt for not blogging that kept me away even longer! I would love to be able to post everyday, but that's not a realistic expectation to have for myself, especially as we get close to the holiday season(!!!). So, here's to accepting that I'm not going to be perfect, but to get right back to it even when I drop the ball.

During my time away some wonderful things have been happening here in Dallas: two of my close friends are engaged, complete with surprise engagement parties! I love weddings (and parties of any kind) and am thrilled to be invloved in some of the planning.

Last night I went to the Texas State Fair and had a blast with Big Tex (in the first photo above) and some of my favorite girls, which included eating every imaginable fried food that we could get our hands on (#yolo). And I'm pretty sure I'll be going again before fair season is over.

During this busy season, I'm trying to focus on the reasons behind why I am busy: this weekend, I'm visiting some life-long friends in Houston for a reunion. So, instead of focusing on a 5 hour drive and quick turn-around time, I'm choosing to focus on the sweet friends who I will be reunited with and making new memories with them. Happy weekend!

Fall Booties


fall fashion, booties,

1. Seychelles suede bootie // 2. Steve Madden nyrvana boot // 3. BC underneath bootie //
4. Franco Sarto linden leather bootie // 5. Ivanka Trump belted bootie // 6. BP trolley leather bootie

Dallas experienced a nice cold front last weekend and I was so excited to break out my fall wardrobe. I am a huge fan of booties for fall, but when I was taking inventory of my closet over the weekend, I realized I didn't have many options for fall footwear! I went shopping today and solved that problem, and now I'm looking forward to wearing my new cute booties this season with boyfriend jeans and dresses alike. These are a few of my favorite picks- all under $150!

Link Love


Happy Weekend! You have to look at all of these links. Have to. I hope you have a great weekend! My week flew by; I can't believe it's September already! Christmas will be here before you know it!

These kids are killing it on picture day.
Looking for inspiration to redecorate my room and these desk ideas caught my eye.
I just told someone yesterday how excited I am for the Texas State Fair so I can eat a corn dog!
Goodbye, Joan Rivers.
Mini Apple Raspberry Pies are way cute than full-size pies. 

Explore Your City


I'm always sad to say goodbye to a long holiday weekend, but I love looking at all the photos and remembering how much fun weekends can be! I had the best Labor Day, spent enjoying friends and the great city we live in- Dallas, TX! 
This amazing mural by Kyle Steed is one of the hidden gems that Dallas is home to; we spent one afternoon at the mural and had a blast being silly and taking pictures.

A short river float trip, amazing mexican food, and some competitive volleyball games rounded out the long weekend; I love having extra time to spend with friends! Hope you had a great weekend! 
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