Easter Ideas


As I'm planning this year's Easter activities, I'm trying to remember everything that I've done in years past…luckily, having a blog is similar to having a digital diary, so all I had to do was look through the archives! Here are a few of my favorite activities and recipes that I posted last year; I'm thinking about just repeating all of these because they were so much fun and my friends loved them!

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Last year, we had a day at the park after we made cascarones (confetti-filled eggs) and smashed them on each others' heads. The pictures were my favorite part!

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I invited some girlfriends over and we had an egg-dyeing party!

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This DIY showed you how to turn your dyed eggs into cascarones!

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Pinterest inspired me to make chocolate-covered peeps! Cute and delicious!

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This veggie frittata is one of my favorite things to make for brunch! Frittatas are so light and fluffy and would be perfect for Easter brunch. I hope these highlights gave you some ideas for your own Easter celebration. It's hard to believe that March is almost over, but I'm looking forward to celebrating Easter and enjoying springtime in Dallas!

Cake Bar


Last weekend I went with a friend to explore the Dallas Flea in the Trinity Groves area of south Dallas. The Flea showcased vendors from around the city, selling their handmade home goods, jewelry, and gifts- I wanted everything! We also visited the Cake Bar in Trinity Groves for the first time while we were there; it is such a cute shop with it's bright blue facade and one of my favorite parts is that you can actually watch the cakes being frosted in the kitchen while you wait in line!

The Cake Bar has a such a happy buzz about it… people talking to their friends about which flavors they want to try, about how cute the shop is, or about how soon they will be back to try another flavor!

We tried a slice of the strawberry cake and it was as delicious as it looks! I'm looking forward to another visit to the Cake Bar soon! I love that you can tell how excited I am about my cake in the photo below ;)

I loved wearing my new slip-ons to explore Trinity Groves; you can shop my outfit below! 

Vail, Colorado


Have you ever tried something new and instantly loved it? That's what happened to me last week while I was snowboarding for the first time in Vail, Colorado. I officially have a new obsession…who wants to watch the x-games highlights with me?!? Sometimes I forget how much I love being outside, especially being in the mountains. I even have family in Denver, but rarely visit…that will change. This trip was with 2 girlfriends from Dallas; we stayed in a condo in Vail, took snowboarding lessons together, and explored Vail Village at night. This was one of my favorite friend-vacations that I've ever taken.

You might have heard that snowboarding is hard, which is true. You also might have heard that snowboarding has a steep and painful learning curve, which is also true. But after you learn how to stand up, how to get off a chair lift, and how to stop yourself from flying down the mountain, it gets much easier. I still have much to learn, and I can't wait to go back. Our instructor made all the difference- that's him, above. He was patient and encouraging, explained everything in perfect detail, and took videos of us snowboarding- so fun!

One of the best parts of snowboarding in Vail is the quaint "Village" at the bottom of the mountain. All of the shops and restaurants are picturesque and filled with friendly people. The below photo shows our coffee break at Yeti's Grind, where we met the owner who is originally from Houston but now lives in Vail- she even let me use her phone charger when my battery died! All of the locals and people on vacation were so personable; making new friends while riding the gondola up the mountain was one of my favorite parts of the day- we met so many interesting people from all over the world! Everyday after snowboarding, we came down from the mountain to enjoy "apr├Ęs ski," which is essentially happy hour; village restaurants had live music on the patio and people-watching was at its prime.

On our off day, we still wanted to try a new outdoor activity so we decided on tubing and zip-lining down the mountain. I posted a video of our tubing adventure on my Intsagram (get ready for a lot of screaming and bad filming).

This trip was full of "firsts" for me and it definitely worked in my favor. Don't be afraid to tell people it's your first time to do something- they might try to make it extra special for you! I got a free rental car upgrade at the Denver airport because I mentioned that I was excited and had never rented a car before- hello, SUV! We also asked for a favor to move our snowboarding lessons up a day and they accommodated us without question and gave us a discount! Always ask for what you want and there's a good chance you'll get it.

Now that I'm back in Dallas, I'm getting used to my daily routine once again, but I'm already planning my next adventure to the mountains. I also have the urge to go buy a skateboard and revisit my youth…you know, now that I'm a boarding pro ;) Have a great week and try something new!

Floral Blazer


Spring weather is finally showing itself in Dallas- the sun is out today and providing some warmth for our first night of the sand volleyball season. After what feels like weeks of snow and ice in Dallas, I am overjoyed to see the sun and be able to play outdoors. I'm looking forward to wearing sundresses and sandals, but for today I am sporting my floral blazer and a bright shoe to get me in the spring mood.

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Some of the specific items I'm wearing are no longer available, but I've linked to similar items below to recreate this look.

Shop this look:

Carry-On Travel Essentials


I am a habitual over packer. When I was younger, I would make a list of every single thing that I wanted to take on a trip to make sure I didn't forget anything…which usually resulted in an overstuffed suitcase, way too much underwear, and four more pairs of shoes than days I would be gone. Not helpful. Now when I pack, I try to preselect an entire outfit that I know I will wear together, instead of just bringing items that I can mix-and-match. I no longer write down every item that I pack, and have improved my overpacking problem, but I do still struggle to meet the weight limit requirements for luggage on airplanes! (Tip: wear your heaviest shoes on the plane!)

I'll be in Vail, Colorado this week, and I'm struggling to know exactly what kind of items to pack. I have visited Vail before, but I have never been skiing- this will be my first time on "the mountain." Of course, the blogger in me wants to pack cute outfits for every occasion: dinner, shopping…breakfast, brunch, lunch (haha), but the other part of me wants to throw some sweats into my suitcase along with my new ski jacket (it's pink!) and call it a day. Trying to find the right balance could take a while, but my flight is in a few hours, so I need to hustle! While I figure out my clothing situation, here are a few of the things that I know I'm bringing along for sure. I always have a carry-on stuffed with essentials to make traveling as comfortable as possible. As much as I would love to show up to the airport in my pajamas, I always try to dress up for a flight- gone are the days of glamorous airplane travel, but I think it's still important to look your best on a flight; call me old-fashioned, but I hate to see the growing number of passengers wearing sweats in airport terminals these days. I enjoyed reading a few articles about the lost "sense of decorum" by today's traveler; this article was especially interesting: What Happened to the Glamour of Air Travel? and sheds some light on why the glamour of yesteryear has disappeared along with our leg room. I'll be taking a few days away from the blog this week while I'm in Vail, but follow my skiing adventure on Instagram. Have a great week!

underwear // phone charger // concealer // lip balm // lotion //

Upholstered Headboard


Lately I've been dying over gorgeous upholstered headboards that I'm seeing all over the place. I currently have one that I made as a DIY in college, but it is definitely time for an upgrade! All of the styles that I'm drawn to seem to have some similarities: nailhead detailing, tufted fabric, or an intricate shape. These are a few of my favorites that I have found on Pinterest.

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This hot pink headboard makes we want to redo my bedroom decor completely! But I also love the neutral colors below. There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from; I'm sure I will have to spend a lot more time on Pinterest before deciding which style I like the most. 

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