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Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend because I am taking a trip to Oklahoma on Sunday! It's my mom's birthday so I'm going to stay with my parents for a few days to celebrate. I always enjoy my time at home because I can relax and have no obligations! Here are some links that inspired me this week :) Have a great weekend!

Inside-out french braid tutorial (even better with pink hair!)
Beat anxiety with these tips
Jordan started a new company called Bright Lab Lights
I've never made key lime pie but Emily makes it look so simple!
This new Vince Camuto cape coat is getting me excited for fall fashion!

Iced Coffee at Home


I have never liked coffee, but lately I have been buying some sort of iced mocha or skinny latte almost daily! I decided that I wanted to save money and make my own coffee at home. I don't own a coffee machine, but I started seeing recipes for "cold brew" coffee so I thought I would give it a shot. It is supposed to be less bitter-tasting, but since I don't really drink regular coffee, I don't have a good reference point for comparison. Either way, I followed this recipe from the Pioneer Woman, and was really happy with the results.

I went to Central Market to buy some coffee; I had to ask for help using the coffee grinder- I have never done this before! Before I left the store, I had told no less than 7 people about my plan to make cold brew- I was so excited! After mixing the coffee grounds with water in a large container (my crockpot was the biggest I had), cover and let sit overnight to "brew."

This is the time consuming part (but still probably faster than waiting in line everyday for a week!): using a coffee filter or paper towels, strain the coffee into a pitcher to separate it from the coffee grounds. Be patient- it's worth it! 

I went overboard and made way too much at once, but it has last a while in an airtight container in the fridge. Pour over ice cubes and add milk, creamer, sugar- however you like your coffee! I have saved so much money already and drinking coffee at home encourages me to get out of bed on time. Win win!

Kendra Scott Happy Hour


happy hour

Last night I attended a blogger happy hour hosted by RewardStyle and Kendra Scott. It was held in Dallas at their West Village location, which is absolutely adorable. I love Kendra Scott and bright statement jewelry, so I was excited to attend.

dallas bloggers

There were drinks and cute cookies to snack on while we browsed the latest line from Kendra. I loved getting to interact with some of the other bloggers in Dallas- there is a great group of girls in this city!

dallas bloggers

Our host graciously surprised us each with a free pair of the Sky or Skylar style earrings in a color of our choosing- what?! How fun! I was so excited...I started instagramming as fast as my little fingers could move! I chose the neon pink and have gotten quite a few compliments on them today. Be sure to check out the newest line here. I'm also obsessed with this color.

dallas bloggers

I love getting to push myself outside of my comfort zone just a bit to meet new friends and potential collaborative partners, especially when I'm rewarded with a gorgeous gift from Kendra! What a happy Tuesday! Hope you're having a great week!

Ice Cream Party


ice cream sundae party

Last year we had an ice cream party to celebrate a great summer; I made these delicious and adorable waffle cones! This year, my sweet roommate suggested we have another sundae party because last year was so fun; she planned everything- all I had to do was help prep the day of! We decided to have the party on a Thursday to keep it low-key. Friends brought their favorite ice cream flavor; we ended up with organic, gluten-free, and everything in between!

Decor was pretty simple thanks to my friend Rachel giving me these adorable garlands for my birthday a few weeks ago! She's a fellow party-planner and knows the way to my heart is through party supplies :) I made these huge chalkboards last year, using old bi-fold closet doors and chalkboard paint. They make an appearance at every party and are a great photo booth backdrop.

This is the aftermath of the ice cream table. We tried to keep the ice cream from melting by putting each flavor in a bowl of ice this year. It helped a little, but by the end of the night everything is a mess. We covered the table in butcher paper for easy cleanup- it is so helpful!

This party was so simple to setup because it just requires a few supplies, which can easily be supplied by the host or the guests. I am pretty confident that we will definitely have a 3rd Annual Sundae Party next year :)

Mini Birthday Invitations


gold invitations

Invitations can set the mood for the entire event, so I prefer to hand out a physical invitations, rather than use email invites. Typically, I will have already mentioned the upcoming party to friends and know if they will be able to attend before I even send an invitation. This year, I kept my party details pretty mysterious until the day of :) The invitations I made set the tone, but didn't give many hints as to what the party would entail.

I bought matching gold business cards and envelopes from Paper Source and printed the invitations on my printer at home, so the cost per invitation was really low! The envelopes were a lot of fun to make; I used a faux-calligraphy method to letter the recipient's name. Instead of mailing the invitations, I taped them to friends' doors- it's so fun to find a surprise when you get home!

Try making paper invitations for your next party! Your guests will love the extra effort you put into your event. Everyone loves getting a special delivery :) Have a great weekend!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I love a good sale! Don't you?! Every July Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale happens- it's the best sale of the year! Unlike most sales, it's a preview sale, as opposed to a clearance sale. Buy fall/winter merchandise on sale, ahead of the season, but prices go up to full price on August 4! I started making my list as soon art the Anniversary catalog came out. Anniversary Sale is the time to stock up on wardrobe basics: good denimleather jacket, fall accessories, and boots. Some basics like Hanky Panky rarely go on sale, so now is the time to purchase! I kind of splurged (oops!) and bought quite a few things. Below are some of my favorites that I purchased! I am really enjoying summer, but I can't wait for fall weather so I can wear my new goodies! Head over to Nordstrom before the prices go up on the new fall trends!

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