Home Sweet Home


My goal has always been to have a home that is welcoming and that makes people feel comfortable to come over for dinner or even just stop by unannounced. Part of that welcoming atmosphere comes from my roommates; I have been blessed to live with some truly amazing women over the past 5 years who have encouraged me, cried with me during tough times (read: breakups), and helped me host countless theme parties. Now that one of my roommates is getting married in March, I've been searching for a new girl to fill her spot.

It's intimidating to look for a new roommate! I posted the above picture of my living room on social media and asked all of my friends to like it, share it, and help spread the word. After a couple of days, we had five girls interested in moving in! From zero to FIVE! I was excited, but also terrified. I feel like I hosted a mini "rush" at my house for potential roommates. Part interview, part house tour… we talked with potential roommates, showed them around and tried to get to know them in a short amount of time. Stressful!

I'm happy to report that I think we have found a girl who will be a great fit for our house! The Lord is sovereign and knows exactly who we need and His timing is always perfect. I'm so excited for this next chapter in our house and, of course, can't wait to host our first party together. Happy Monday, indeed!

Bridal Shower Spread


The delicious cake I posted yesterday was baked in preparation for my roommate's bridal shower that I helped host on Sunday. I'm a bridesmaid (that's all of us in the above photo) and am thrilled to stand with her on her wedding day in March. Did I mention that I STILL haven't found a bridesmaid dress?! I know I'm cutting it close, but I just ordered a few dresses from J.Crew, because of course this amazing dress I ordered from Nordstrom is backordered. That's ok…I'm sure I will find one!

Anyway, the cake was a hit and super delicious; the rest of the food was just as cute! Thankfully, all of the bridesmaids contributed their "specialty" dish and we ended up with a yummy spread of shower food.

I also made this baby chocolate cake- I couldn't resist! How adorable is it with the baby's breath?! One of my new favorite things is baking cakes and decorating them with real flowers, which is a problem considering the fact that I'm trying really hard to eat healthy!

I had my doubts when one of the bridesmaids mentioned a "sausage cheese ball thing" but my mind was blow when I tried these adorable sausage bites! As of yesterday, I have the recipe and will be making them for my next party.

Our afternoon together celebrating the bride was full of laughter and catching up with friends- it made me so thankful to have such special ladies in my life! Cannot wait for the wedding! In the meantime…I have to find a new roommate ;)

Strawberry Buttercream Cake


After Saturday's blogger brunch, I blocked off the entire day to spend preparing to host a bridal shower on Sunday. I was super excited to attempt to bake a 4 layer "naked cake" for the first time. This photo was my inspiration for the cake- beautiful, I know! I actually didn't want the pressure of baking the cake itself from scratch, but I did want to make the strawberry buttercream frosting from scratch because it was a special request from the bride-to-be. I used a box cake mix (don't tell anyone!) and I used a slight variation of this frosting recipe which is really only butter, sugar, and strawberry puree…super healthy.

I was clearly excited to be baking, or maybe I was just excited to eat the finished product at the shower the next day- so delicious!

Making a "naked cake" is much less stressful than a completely frosted cake- it can be messy because that's what it is supposed to look like. This style was perfect for the rustic style of the bride.

Four layers and about five cups of strawberry buttercream frosting later, I was starting to see the finished product take shape. If you don't have an offset spatula, I recommend getting one. I bought this one from Williams-Sonoma and have used it so much!

The hard part was transporting the cake…I didn't really think that far ahead; driving with a 4-layer cake was scary, but we made it! All of the ladies at the bridal shower loved that I took the time to bake my own cake as opposed to buying one, and it was such a fun project for me- win win! I'm already looking forward to my next baking adventure.

Dallas Blogger Brunch || Sissy's Southern Kitchen


Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying a long weekend and soaking up this amazing weather we are having (if you're in Dallas). The past few days have been the ultimate feminine weekend- hosting the #dallasbloggerbrunch, baking, dressing up, and hosting a bridal shower; I loved every minute of it! My little event-planner heart was on cloud nine this weekend- I was organizing and planning all things pink and girly….my favorite.  
On Saturday morning, I hosted a brunch at Sissy's Southern Kitchen for a few Dallas bloggers. I invited a few girls who I had met at events, as well as a couple who I had never met before. I want to get to know more of the blogging community in Dallas because that is one of my favorite parts of being a blogger- there is always someone to learn from or who can support you because they know exactly what you're going through. It's pretty great. I printed these cute cards (above) for each place setting just to make brunch a little more special.

I brought two small floral arrangements to add some color to our table, even though the Sissy's garden room is beautiful on its own. Of course, since we were a group of bloggers, we all immediately started taking photos of the table with our phones and cameras. Photos 1,3, and 4, were taken by Stephanie, of Stephanie Drenka Photography- she is so talented and is graciously letting all of us use her amazing photos! We posted our weekend recap featuring brunch at Sissy's on our respective blogs today…also check out Maybe Meghan and Love You Mean It

We need to seriously talk about how amazing Sissy's Southern Kitchen is. Seriously. It has been on my list of restaurants to try for a while now and I am so glad that I finally got to check it off! I will be visiting again soon. Sissy's has made it to the "take my parents here when they visit" restaurant list. It's THAT good. The photo above was our Fried Green Tomatoes appetizer- I recommend it. The first photo features the delicious chicken and waffles that I ordered (my first time ever!). You must try.

brunch table
This is the bright and feminine "garden room" at Sissy's- perfect spot for a blogger brunch! 

sissy's southern kitchenI was so happy that brunch went well. I had the best time organizing it, making place cards, arranging flowers, and I am looking forward to doing more of these events with Dallas bloggers in the future. Meet-Eat-Connect…that's my plan to connect with more of these lovely ladies and support each other, one blog brunch at a time.

Pinspiration || Bridal Shower


Ya'll. How amazing are these cakes!? If you're anything like me, you know a handful of friends who got engaged over the holidays, and wedding season is right around the corner. This weekend, along with the other bridesmaids, I'm hosting a bridal shower for my roommate, Ashley. We had a meeting last week to discuss shower plans (I took notes and emailed a recap- I'm that person.) where we assigned tasks and different aspects of planning to each of us. Naturally, I was assigned (or maybe I volunteered) to take care of the cake. After spending the past 2 hours on Pinterest looking at bridal shower pictures and drooling over cakes, cupcakes, flower arrangements, and perfect dessert table displays, I have decided to bake a layered cake…a naked layered cake.

The photos above are "naked" cakes, where they don't have outer frosting- I think they are feminine and rustic looking all at the same time, which will be perfect for this shower and the bride-to-be. I love the look of these cakes that don't have any frosting on the outside, but I also am attracted to something like this, with some frosting on the outside of the cake. It's so hard to decide! It will probably depend how long it takes to bake and assemble… sometimes I underestimate the time required to complete these dessert masterpieces. I think a 3 tiered, 9 layer production is a little too much for a bridal shower (save something for the wedding!), so I might do a single tier with 4 layers. Of course, it will sit on a pretty cake stand and be adorned with fresh flowers. I love to bake and kind of want to be a florist, so the cake + flowers combo is pretty much ideal for me. I can't wait to decorate (and eat!) my creation! I might whip up a batch of cupcakes, just in case the cake is a disaster.

Wardrobe Staples


I'm sure you have seen every retailer with sale signs out during the new year- it's true, there are great deals to be had. But what exactly are you shopping for? Spring clothes, already? It's hard for me to plan that far in advance, but I do like to take advantage of winter sales to find a few new wardrobe essentials to get me through the season. Easy layering pieces, sturdy basics, plus neutral shoes and bags are what to look for during this time of year. All of these items are classics that can be accessorized or layered with more trendy pieces to create multiple looks.

Right now, Nordstrom and Anthropologie are having amazing sales where I found some eye-catching deals on items to get me through the season. Check it out! Happy shopping!

1. cashmere vneck // 2. camel satchel // 3. relaxed layering tee // 4. Kendra Scott earrings //
8. blush pea coat // 9. pleated midi skirt

Shop these items:

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