DIY Cascarones || Part Two


Yesterday I showed you part one of how to make cascarones for Easter; here is part two. All that's left to do is fill the empty eggshells with confetti (or in this case, Fruity Pebbles), seal them, and decorate them.

I chose to use Fruity Pebbles to fill my cascarones because we will be smashing them outside at the park, and I didn't want to leave pieces of confetti outside. You could also use birdseed, glitter, or small toys.

Next, close the hole in the eggshell by outlining the rim with glue and covering the opening with a small square of tissue paper (any color).

This step is optional: after the glue and tissue paper dry, add more glue on top of the tissue around the top 1/3 of the egg. Spread the glue into an even coating with a small paintbrush. Roll the egg in a plate of glitter for a sparkly covering to hide the tissue paper. Glitter is fun to use, but any type of confetti could also be used to cover the tissue paper.

Now you're ready to head to the park and break your cascarones on top of friends' heads, bringing them good luck (and a lot of laughs!). Enjoy!

DIY Cascarones || Part One


Easter is almost here! I have a fun DIY for you to try this year, if you're looking for an outdoor activity that is a little different than the usual Easter egg hunt. "Cascarones" comes from the Spanish word, "cáscara," meaning "eggshell." Hollowed out eggs are filled with confetti or prizes and then smashed on the recipient's head, showering them with confetti (and good luck, according to tradition!).

Today, I'll show you part one of the cascarones process: dyeing the eggs! I'm sure you have done this before; the only difference for cascarones is that you have to drain the egg out of the shell before dyeing. I used a 2-pronged fork to poke a small hole in the top of the egg, then enlarged the hole by peeling back pieces of the shell with my fingers. Dump the egg yolk and white into a container to use later. I invited friends over for breakfast the next day: scrambled eggs, of course!

A few girlfriends came over to help me dye eggs, after I emptied them and rinsed the shells with soap and water. We had a great time coloring the eggs, drinking strawberry lemonade, and snacking on Whopper Eggs (best Easter candy!). Even if you don't want to make cascarones, I highly suggest having friends over to dye eggs just for fun. 

Love any excuse to get the girls together for a fun afternoon craft followed by girls' night out. These ladies are always a joy to spend time with! Tomorrow, I'll post the rest of the pictures showing how to fill the eggs and finish the cascarones. 

Picnic in the Park


Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today I have a case of the Mondays, only because my weekend was so relaxing and I didn't want it to end. Volunteering, dyeing Easter eggs, girls' night out, and ending Sunday with breakfast for dinner all made for a great weekend with friends.

Last week, I packed a picnic and went to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas with a few of my favorite people to enjoy some beautiful weather and live music. I packed fruit, crackers, and two cheeses to snack on, as well as fresh strawberry lemonade in mason jars. It is so easy to pack a picnic; having a cute basket and large blanket make it more fun, but all you need are a few finger foods and a summertime beverage to make a picnic enjoyable. It's cold again in Dallas today, but I'm looking forward to many more picnics this summer.

Host a Scrabble Party


This Sunday is National Scrabble Day. What better way to celebrate than with a Scrabble-themed game night? I love a good themed party, especially if it gives me the chance to make a dessert that goes along with the theme. Last year for Christmas, my mom received a Collector's Edition Scrabble- it's beautiful, and would be the perfect centerpiece of a Scrabble party. Other easy additions include: an enlarged Scrabble tile "Welcome" banner, and letter tiles turned into drink charms (I would spell out guests' names!). There are so many fun food ideas you could incorporate into a Scrabble party that would be easy and fun for guests. Invite some friends over this weekend and play Scrabble! 

1. Vintage Scrabble set
2. Scrabble tile drink charms
3. Download the printable scorecard
4. Scrabble Cupcakes
5. Printable Scrabble welcome banner

Pinspiration || Black & White Tables


I was browsing Pinterest for some "striped" decor inspiration and I saw a gorgeous black and white striped tablecloth; I immediately narrowed my search to "striped tables" and found the most beautiful pictures. Turns out, bold floral statements are perfectly anchored against a backdrop of black and white striped tablecloths and runners. I am always looking for new ideas to dress up my dining room table for brunch and dinner parties- I think this statement would be a good fit for a semi dressed-up event with a playful feel. Table setting details would determine the formality of the meal, whether they be printed menus or striped straws in mason jars. So many possibilities! I hope these photos inspire your next tablescape.

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Link Love


Happy Tuesday! Normally, I like to give you links for the weekend, but I am sitting at the car repair shop all day today so I decided to go ahead and round up some fun links for today. Car repairs/registration/inspection always come at once, leaving me without a "fun" budget for the rest of the month. I knew it was coming; that's probably why I put off getting an oil change longer than I should have. At least I'll know that I don't have to worry about car repairs for a while. Hope you're having a great day. 

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